Additional functionality included at no extra monthly cost

Pre recorded greeting with music on hold

When a call is connected our system will play professionally recorded greeting it can then play music to the caller while call is being diverted to your answer points

IVR Menus

A caller can be prompted to make a selection. E.g. press one for sales. The call is then routed to the answer point of your choice.

Simultaneous ring

Call can be forwarded to multiple answer points simultaneously. This can also include call confirm feature that will prevent the call from going to your mobile voicemail.

Voicemail to Email

Professionally recorded greeting can be played and voicemail sent to your email address so you can retrieve it from anywhere

Call recordings

Call recording feature can be enabled to record all calls or to record on demand. On demand recording can be activated during the conversation.

Fax to Email

Your inbound number can be configured to receive faxes which are then converted into PDF and sent to you by Email.

Call Queues

If you are unable to pickup a call immediately the call can be placed in a queue with your customised music on hold. Caller can be prompted to press 1 to leave a message during the wait.

Time based routing

Calls can be diverted to different answer points based on time of day, public holidays or weekends.

Location based routing

Based on the caller location calls can be diverted to nearest answer point e.g. nearest shop.

Custom caller ID

We can substitute the original caller ID with a predefined number so that you know when the call is coming from your 1300/1800 number

The above features can be combined into a call flow

Call flow can consist of multiple features listed above and configured to your requirements.

Call reports

Search calls by caller ID or answer point. List answered and missed calls. Download call log in CSV for further analysis.